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Сайт Stereogum составил рейтинг из десяти NSFW-клипов ушедшего года - с обнаженными телами, сценами секса и непристойностями. Возглавило список видео Канье Уэста "Monster", также в нем нашлось место работам Is Tropical, Broken Social Scene и Duck Sauce. 

1. Kanye West "Monster"
2. The Deadsets "One Hour"
3. Broken Social Scene "Sweetest Kill"
4. High Places "Sonora"
5. Is Tropical "The Greeks"
6. Duck Sauce "Big Bad Wolf"
7. Austra "Beat And The Pulse"
8. Beacon "See Through You"
9. K-Holes "Short Zippers"
10. Handsome Furs "What About Us"

‘It’s my fit’ is in this weeks selection of Vi.be on air, get started on Vi.be here and have a vote! And while you’re at it, have a vote for ‘It’s my fit’ for De Afrekening here

Today!! at 5PM Pornorama live on TMF, releasing the new single and video 'Touchy Type' in the Program WTF('What the fuck?')

This Friday 18/12 Pornorama live at Fête d’Hiver, Oostende
This Saturday 19/12 live at JH Krak, Avelgem
Next Wednesday 23/12 live at JH The Nooddle, Beernem for Music for life

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